Girish Agrawal has returned from Argentina, but Aga Khan Foundation Canada is still accepting donations to build the Kisii maternity hospital. Thank you for your support!

Why I'm Climbing

Learn about the maternity hospital in Kisii, Kenya that Girish is raising money for.

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Photos posted from Argentina as Girish prepares for the climb!

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Support Girish's climb to build a maternity hospital in Kenya

In developing countries, complications are common in the late stages of pregnancy, delivery, and the first hours after birth. Every year, one million children die on the same day they are born – mostly from preventable causes.

The reasons are numerous and complex, spanning from individual to systemic factors. Many do not have the money, time, or knowledge they need to care for themselves and their families. In rural areas, health facilities are poorly-equipped, understaffed, or simply do not exist at all. There is a lack of investment in the foundations of strong health systems: infrastructure, human resources, policy, and research. Every country has its own unique challenges, but many are common across the developing world… and often disproportionately affect women and children.

This is why I am climbing Mount Aconcagua….to support Aga Khan Foundation Canada’s work in addressing this issue.

Please join me in raising awareness and donations by clicking on the link below.