New Years Eve | Rest day

Today was my rest day, however I did two things. We sorted out our gear for moving to Camp One tomorrow, and being the last day of the year, there was a get-together organized by the expedition company. I attended just for five minutes and the came to my tent. I was feeling tired, and I wanted to be ready for my climb tomorrow.

I feel that rest days are very important in one’s life. I’m given this rest day by the expedition company but I hope that we plan ourselves rest days in our life and pay attention to things that get ignored in our day-to-day life otherwise.


1 thought on “New Years Eve | Rest day”

  1. Happy New Year, Girish!
    How many of us have spent New Years eve on the side of a mountain that happens to host the highest peak in the Southern Hemisphere? Not me!
    We are raising a glass to your (continued) success and to your ongoing commitment to make the world a better place for all.
    Good luck tomorrow, on the first day of another new beginning.
    Btw… it is -28C here in Toronto … BUT much colder back in Calgary. You may not get a lot of sympathy from anyone here if you comment on how cold it is there : )

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