The return home

Happy Birthday my brother!

Today is my oldest brother’s birthday. I can’t call him so I am conveying my wishes through the media available.

Now today we come down from Camp Three to Base Camp as part of our decent. From here, they will take me as far as Penitentes and then to the city, so I think this will be my last update for the summit.

I want to thank everybody who has supported me; my family, my team, friends, Investors Group, clients and prospects, Aga Khan Foundation and many many others. I will say goodbye now, and look forward to seeing everyone of you.



2 thoughts on “The return home”

  1. Congratulations Girish on your much deserved success! What a way to start off the New Year….
    Best Wishes for a safe return home.


  2. Hi Girish, we are waiting for you back in Calgary! Having fun and for a great cause. That’s the best of both worlds and you did it!

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