Snapshots from Mt. Aconcagua

As you might imagine, the most remote spots on the planet have limited internet access. Fortunately, some base camps have satellite wifi hotspots, allowing Girish to send back batches of photos to share his experience.

Jan. 7, 2018 | On the summit of Mt. Aconcagua

Jan. 7, 2018, on the summit of Mt. Aconcagua

Jan. 2 | Arriving at High Camp 2

Dec. 29 | Rest day at Camp

Dec. 28 | First view of Mt. Aconcagua

Dec. 27 | To Casa de Piedra camp

Dec. 26 | First day of the climb

Dec. 25 | Travel to Los Penitentes

Dec. 24 | Lamas Blancas climb

Dec. 23 | Vallecitos hike

Fall 2017 | Training in Banff