Acclimatization climb

I could not sleep well at all. I had a headache, I was throwing up, I was short of breath, so every time I take a breath I feel like I need more air. It was a very difficult night. Nanika gave me three hours in the morning to see if I would feel better because we were supposed to do the acclimatization hike to the Summit Camp that is called Plaza Cólera.

Anyways, Nanika found me some food, I pushed myself because I knew it’s not good to stay sick and I have to do my part. I felt a little better, Nanika said give it a try, so we went up to Cólera Camp and back. I can tell it was the hardest climb so far, maybe because of the lack of oxygen, or maybe because of altitude sickness, because only 400 meters in elevation took me over four hours to get there, and there were moments when I almost passed out because I could not breathe. Nanika pulled me some times. The wind was so strong, one time the wind almost lifted me.


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  1. Garish, Namaste; as you go up the mountain and every step you make and every breath you take may be becoming more difficult. Please remember this; we are praying to God to give you the strength and the courage for you to make every step. and to be able to take every breath; and those prayers to God are heard from us, as we are praying that he will protect you and bless you, an innocent soul; who is persevering this not for his own benefit but for the lives of innocent babies and mothers.
    God Bless

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